4.5 Hour Amsterdam Food Walking Tour (LTH18)

Discover Amsterdam by walking and the taste of typical dutch food. Learn about the background and culture of the most vibrant city of the Netherlands while walking through the ancient streets. The Dutch capital is a favorite must-see of visitors to Europe. With the canals and bike paths giving way to a fascinating mix of history and culture, and a reputation as one of the most liberal cities on the planet, it’s not hard to see why! 

GRAND FOOD TASTING TOUR (duration 4,5 hours). The tour is the same as the SMALL FOOD TOUR but includes a visit to a local food and produce market i.e. Albert Cuyp or Dapper market, a mile of food stalls where you can taste freshly baked SYRUP WAFFLES (our national cookie: the stroopwafel), or delectable Indonesian LUMPIA’S, little springrolls with veggies or chicken. Fish Stalls, where you can enjoy our smoked or fried fish, KIBBELINGEN. POFFERTJES are small pancakes which are baked freshly and are eaten with butter and sugar. Sandwiches are called BROODJES, and you’ll find different kind of broodjes, like the spicy ones from SURINAME, former Dutch colony.  We’ll visit one of the best pastry shops for the yummiest APPLE PIE. Additional: a Dutch lunch mostly consists out of BROODJES. Sandwiches filled with different fillings. A visit to the national landmark in Amsterdam is EETSALON VAN DOBBEN. A this sandwich bar you’ll have a great choice of fillings BROODJE HALF-OM, BROODJE FILE (raw steak tartare) or the famous MEAT CROQUETTE.

Snacks included in the grand food tasting tour are samples of: TOMPOUCE, ROOKWORST, BITTERBAL (small fried meat balls with soft ragu), POFFERTJES, LUMPIA, KIBBELINGEN, APPLE PIE, COOKIES, LIQUORICE, CANDIES, CHOCOLATES and OR CHEESE, and a 500 ml bottle of water. We’ll walk approximately 6 kilometres over flat surfaces to get the calories off and we’ll be snacking on-the-go, so usually this will mean eating or standing at a food cart of stall. There will be time to have a seated break on a terrace. Snacks which are NOT INCLUDED and for own expenses are: SNACKS at the FEBO vending machine (mostly 2,- euro per item) HERRING, FRIES and Van Stapele Bakery, BROODJES at Eetsalon Van Dobben and drinks are for your own expense. You’ll receive a map of Amsterdam, with detailed addresses of the shops / places which we visited.

Both tours are available for vegetarians.

A VEGAN SNACK TOUR is on request available, with a visit to vegan cheese shop and a taste of vegan snacks.

Covid-19 regulations are applied to this tour.