8-Hour Amsterdam Walking, Boat and Bike Tour (LTH01)

Dig deep into the past and present of the Dutch capital city and let yourself be guided along the unique 17th century architecture and stunning canals. During the general Amsterdam Tour you will find secret places together with your private guide.

Make your time in Amsterdam extra special and memorable by going on a tour with a local guide, who will share all there is to know about this fascinating city. Discover the liberal and culturally diverse neighborhoods and shop till you drop in the city centre where we also visit the Diamond Exhibition Coster where you can enjoy a free guided tour and you can enjoy a glas champagne.

Get a taste of Amsterdam, we will stop for coffee or tea with a local treat and enjoy a lovely lunch that will excite your taste buds. 

Sit back and watch as the city passes by on a relaxing canal cruise and enjoy a bike ride to a fascinating windmill just outside the city. This city has so much more to offer than Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank huis.. Explore Amsterdam in a different way.

Your local tour guide will happily adjust the tour according to to your personal interests and wishes.