From 2nd WW to Freedom (LHT10)

75 years freedom walk

Even though we have celebrated our freedom in 2020 since World War II, The Corona pandemic also known as COVID-19 makes that freedom feel very different for everyone.

That’s why it's important to remember the horrors of our past and to take a walk along the many war memorials in Amsterdam which have been established to teach the new generations about their past.

You will be amazed about all the interesting information you can learn on this excursion through history.

History is riddled with faces, who can't wait to tell you their side of the story, so come here to emerge yourself in the past.

We will take you on an interesting walk where you will hear about the brave resistance fighters and the common civilian battling against the German oppression of the time. The scars of this fight are still visible all through Amsterdam to this day. We will walk past a gorgeous golden age building that adorns this old city. But hidden behind its ancient beauty hides the tale of a family of 16 people who hid from the German soldier’s right under their nose. For they had taken refuge in the local pub the soldiers liked to visit.

We will continue our tale through the old soup kitchen where hundreds of hungry people would visit every day. Because of the scarcity thousands of families, adults and children alike, would travel to the country side in search for food. Our guide will be able to tell you allot about the Hungry winter of 1944 and specifically about what we did not have 75 years ago.

We'll walk over the Dam to quite a special place, here the guide will tell you all about what happened during the liberation party on 7 may 1945.

While we take this freedom walk we shall take a couple of breaks, during these breaks you are free to ask questions, we'll get something to drink and even some ice-cream, the people describe it as the best ice-cream in Amsterdam.

We shall continue our walk over through the Damstraat and the Nieuwmarket. The Portugese synagogue and the statue of the Docker will off course not be forgotten. Then we shall see Stolpersteine these are brass stones incorporated into the sidewalk, these stones carry the names of the Jewish workers that never returned from the concentration camps. You can find these stones placed in front of the houses where they once lived.

This tour is certainly fit for children, we do our best to adjust these tours to make sure it’s more fun for the little ones among us.

We actively look through the city to find things that will make it easier for the kids to hold their attention. Our guides love to involve the children into their stories by asking them questions about the location or by telling them how life would have been different for them had they lived in 1940.

Truly a special walk through the city, for everyone to enjoy and to think back to as an interesting day back in good old Amsterdam.

Boek deze tour nu of maak er een mooie dagtocht van en combineer deze excursie met Joods cultureel kwartier (LTH18)