Rotterdam, 75 years of freedom (LTH12)

We will take a hike through the centrum of this fascinating city and its rich history following the so called "brandgrens" or burning border.

Up to this point is where the destruction has paved its way through the city during its bombardment in 1940.

The bombardment took about 15 minutes in its entirety as German artillery dropped its bombs on the inner city, many people died or lost their homes that day.

2010 was the year the city marked the full 12 km border with lights in the pavement to commemorate that day in our history.


We will walk along the border for three hours, we will see and visit 5 of the buildings and some monuments that survived the destruction in May of 1940.

All across our trail we will come across iconic landmarks that house itself in the newer parts of Rotterdam (Erasmusbrug, Markthal, “Blaakse Bos”e.a.).

Halfway through our hike we will enjoy some off the many old fashioned snacks and drinks that old-Holland has to offer, these refreshments are included in the price.