Volendam, dikes and IJsselmeer bicycle scavenger hunt tour by app (LTHP09)

You buy a bicycle scavenger hunt tour from us and to cycle it successfully you will have to be creative and work together.

After you start the game, you will have to decide together how to cycle to the first task point (flag). You will only see 1 flag (command) on your screen (Google map).

How do you cycle there, shortcut or via a detour? If you know the area, you probably know how to get there efficiently. If the area is less known, you can zoom in and zoom out our App, and cycle to the flag that way.

Optionally, especially if you play with 3 or 4 people on 1 App (ticket), you can of course also involve an extra telephone. This route has the character of a bicycle scavenger hunt or bicycle puzzle tour, it is up to you to complete this bicycle puzzle tour!

The trip is approximately 20 km. It is also possible where the route is fully visible in advance on your App, so all 50 flags (assignments) are immediately visible at the start, send a message to us and we can send your specific bicycle "open" tour separately. The participants already know in advance exactly where they are all cycling to. The surprise element has then disappeared.

If you want to shorten the tour further or end it earlier, simply use our emergency activation button and play flags (assignments).

You buy a unique code (ticket), which can be used once. One code is therefore valid for 1 trip. If you want to give the trip to someone else as a gift, book more tickets. You can also cycle the tour on multiple telephones at the same time. Each phone therefore costs 1 ticket.

As a starting location we have Simonehoeve Cheese Farm and Klompenmakerij, Wagenweg 2, 1145 PW Katwoude / Volendam. Before or after the bicycle puzzle tour you can also do a nice tour or book a workshop. See our range of workshops.

Upon arrival you will receive a code, download the MooveGO App in the Play Store or APP Store on your smartphone (minimum Android 9 or iOS 12)

Start the puzzle tour by entering your unique code, follow the instructions and make a beautiful and fun puzzle tour in the area.

In addition to tidbits and facts, you will receive 40 questions and puzzles and 10 photo / film assignments along the way. All this on your Smartphone.

The trip itself is approximately 20 km. long and is therefore more than 1 hour cycling, but including the 50 assignments it takes about 2 hours. This does not include your stops.

At the end of the tour you will see the final score. The trip is over. If you have walked this tour with several GSM users at the same time, you can organize an award ceremony.

Tip: order a delicious picnic box from Simonehoeve for brunch, lunch or dinner. There is also a lovely picnic box for children.