Walking puzzle tour Volendam with GPS (LTH16)

Walking in Volendam? That's great fun, but have you ever done a GPS scavenger hunt? This scavenger hunt consists of a walk of about 2.5 hours and is ideal for children, adults and grandparents! (Don't forget that you can also do this with your friends or girlfriends group!)

Walking in Volendam can be a lot of fun, but how about a fun treasure hunt with a GPS system? Even if you have already visited Volendam you can do this treasure hunt, because it remains a different experience! The 2.5-hour treasure hunt is great fun if you want to do things a little differently.

You can also use a delicious Picnic Box after or during the treasure hunt! You can order it here.

The options are endless. For example, you only need 1 GPS per group, so you can do this fun treasure hunt with a large or small group.

You can book this arrangement here! (Click)