Workshop wooden shoes making (WLTH102)

You will be warmly welcomed with coffee and biscuits. The workshop starts in the clog maker with an explanation and demonstration of how clogs are made, both by hand and with machines. All tips and tricks are shared and everyone has the opportunity to make a wooden shoe per person (from 4 people) Tired, but satisfied you will return home with your trophy after work!

From 12 people it is also possible to book a duo workshop, you can request a quote. You then make 1 wooden shoe per pair.

Anyone who makes clogs forgets the world around them. From a block of poplar wood you create the most natural footwear ever worn by a person. It takes patience and effort, and can safely be called a sport. But you will enjoy the result for a lifetime! In the clog maker, you get a joint explanation and demonstration how clogs are made, both manually and with the machine. All tricks of the trade are explained.

All participants also receive a Simonehoeve semi-finished clog that can be decorated with engraving tools.

Coffee and tea are free during the workshop. At the end of the workshop you will be given a tour of the cheese factory. This includes tasting of all types of cheese, Dutch biscuits and fruit wine.

Total duration approximately 2.5 hours, of which approximately 2 hours making and engraving clogs. A shorter program is also possible.